Getting Bundled Home Internet, TV and Phone is Cheaper

We had the Internet from one company, the phone service at home from another one and the TV programming from another company. Our commitments to all three were satisfied, so we were free to switch them all to whatever we wanted. We decided on getting the ATT U-Verse service. We saw that we could save money getting all three services bundled together rather than getting them separately from different providers. Even after any introductory offers, the savings for bundled services was still worth getting. We compared the best offers for getting individual providers to give us Internet, TV and phone compared to what was available bundled. The savings was best for the bundled for what we wanted.

I compared every single channel for the TV service as well as the broadband Internet speeds. I also looked at where we could make phone calls to and if there were any limitations. I even checked on other things such as call waiting and voice mail. Overall what we got for the money made the best sense for getting U-Verse. We get all the channels we want and extras that are interesting too. The phone service does what we want it to, and we enjoy the extra features. Bundling the three services of broadband Internet, television programming and home phone service makes sense. After all, it is all communication services. The savings comes because you are getting everything from one company. You are not having to split things among different providers. One company, one set of employees, one billing and a discount because they want to keep you as a customer. Also, it is really nice to have phone service back at the house. It is nice to have a number we only give out to friends and family. No goofy calls coming in where you have to screen the calls and see if you want to call them back.

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